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        SUPER WHIP

                The Super Whip Story

The Super Whip was originally designed by Jim Matei back in 2008. 

In speaking with many of the mine safety people, they all stated that there was not a vehicle whip out there that would stay lighted up. JIm went to work to find a solution.

First, the 2-wire system within in the whip would break causing a failure. The Superwhip uses Co-axial cable.

Second, The Light Socket would allow cleaning fluid and moisture which caused corrosion and electrolysis. The same with the lower connection of the RCA Plug on the bottom of the whip and spring that was previously used. Solution Completely Sealed

Third, When the whip needed to be bent over for highway transport, the driver would have to grab onto the whip and slide his hand down the whip to position the whip in its down position. The driver would get fiberglas fragments into his hand or worse end up with a cut in his hand. A Safety product creating a safety incident?

To solve this problem a Polyolefin Heat Shrink covering was baked onto the Super Whip to contain the fiberglass fragments even in the event that the whip had broken.

Fourth, Poor Quality of the flags and reflective materials used. The FLOR12 is a high quality flag that will not fall apart.

The Super Whip was designed to be completely watertight.

Canada Signal is so confident in their product that we offer a 2 year unconditional full warranty replacement.

There are many others that attempted to make whips however,

"WHY" would you put yourself at risk of getting fiberglass into your hands or worse getting a severe fiberglass cut? 

The Super Whip, buy it once, be safe and never look back.

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