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SuperWhips provide excellent identification of light vehicles, equipment or important locations on work sites.

The Vehicle Identification Antennae, safety whip, later named SUPERWHIP was designed by Jim Matei in 2010. The mining industry demanded that a Whip used on vehicles must meet the specifications and function properly. Canada Signal Company's safety whips are distinct because they are manufactured so that the SUPERWHIP will function flawlessly and designed to stand up in the harshest environments and weather.

  • Polyolefin Coating (protects the employee from potential cuts or fiberglass slivers)

  • Withstands high winds

  • Waterproof

  • Custom length  (ranges from 3 feet to 12 feet)

  • Custom Colour (choice of flag size and LED lights)

  • Flags made with 3M Reflective material

  • 2 Year Full Replacement Warranty

We manufacture all components of our SUPERWHIPS and offer specialized designs as well as various types of standard and customized Whip Mounts.

IntelWhips coming soon: These whips will change light colour and light effect for different signals: ex. cars idling too long, indication of field command centre; trucks exceeding speed limits.


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