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Shovel & Haul Truck Spotters

The Haul Truck Spotters have been designed and engineered for the safe and efficient operations of Hydraulic and Rope Shovels.


Designed to preventing “Shovel Hang Time” while haul trucks are attempting to position under the shovel bucket and giving the haul truck driver a means to guide the haul truck into proper safe loading position, further to help prevent the haul truck body from contacting the shovel bucket preventing any possible damage to the equipment


The design allows for easy installations on any hydraulic face shovel with our clamp cable mounting system on the hydraulic cylinders. Weld-On mounts are provided for Rope Shovels.


The 1-inch steel cable and extreme service hose provides the protection for the Dan Buoy and the Diamond Grade 3M reflective material provides excellent visibility of the Haul Truck Spotter at night.


When ordering, please provide the shovel make and model to ensure the proper mounting kit is provided.


Part Number: SCWS8       Lighted Designed for Shovel Counter Weights

Part Number: CSCHTS48 Designed for larger hydraulic face shovels

Part Number: CSCHTS42 Designed for smaller hydraulic face shovels

Part Number: CSCHTS60 Designed for All Types of Rope Shovels

SCWS8 PC7000 Rear View_edited_edited_edi
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